What Is An Automatic Opening Vent AOV

An Automatic Opening Vent, commonly abbreviated to AOV, is a control system designed to vent air or smoke for natural ventilation and smoke ventilation.

Here at Teal Products, we are leading suppliers of AOV systems, so we’ve created this informative blog to give you all the information you need about them.

How does an AOV system work?

AOV systems consist of a control panel that is configured to various manual or automatic triggers that, when activated, open window actuators, vents, rooflights or windows to create ventilation. In smoke ventilation systems, the ventilation created helps keep buildings clear of smoke.

Do I need an AOV?

To comply with Approved Document B of Building Regulations, Automatic Opening Vents that extract smoke are an essential requirement for communal stairwells. During a fire, smoke poses the biggest immediate danger to occupants in multi-storey accommodation and other large buildings, but AOVs help to remove smoke and keep escape routes clear.

How often should AOVs be serviced?

Twice a year by a specialist smoke control contactor. Maintenance certificates should also be produced and kept in a maintenance log. If you have an AOV system in need of servicing, one of our expert commissioning engineers can perform all the necessary checks for you.

What inputs can be configured to work with Automatic Opening Vents?

Windowmaster WSC 204KP AOV Smoke Vent Control UnitAOV control units can be configured to work with a variety of manual and automatic inputs:

Manual controls

Emergency break glass

Fireman’s override switches, key and button-operated varieties

Manual callpoints

Manual controls can all be operated by a Fire Officer to allow for manual smoke ventilation.

Automatic controls

Smoke sensors

After detecting smoke in a building, smoke sensors will automatically open the AOV, removing smoke build up. There are smoke sensors available with sounders or fire alarms too.

What is the difference between single and multizone AOVs?

Single zone AOV control panels are configured to operate one or two ventilators, which might take the form of rooflights, louvres, or window actuators. Suitable for use on their own or with other control panels, common uses for them include stairwells, lobbies, corridors and smoke extract shafts.

Multizone control panels are designed to operate multiple zones of ventilators. They are used for larger systems that require more than one zone of ventilators to trigger separately. Multizone control panels are designed in a way that even if one zone breaks, the others remain operational.

Regardless of whether you require a single of multizone AOV, UK Building Regulations stipulate that they should be certified to BS EN12101 and CE marked.

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