2023 Smoke Control Seminar

Unlocking Insights: Recap of the Smoke Control Seminar by RGE Services and Teal Products


RGE Services and Teal Products recently hosted an exclusive Smoke Control seminar at the Loading Bay, London. The event brought together professionals dedicated to the safety and maintenance of residential buildings, creating a collaborative space for knowledge exchange and industry insights.


Topics Covered

The seminar delved into crucial aspects of smoke control, emphasising its principles, regulations, and the risks associated with improper property maintenance. Industry experts from Teal Products and RGE Services led discussions on the latest legislations, best practices, and risk mitigation strategies. Attendees had the unique opportunity to learn about:

  • Principles of Smoke Control: Understanding the core principles governing effective smoke control systems.
  • Regulatory Updates: Staying abreast of the ever-evolving regulations and compliance standards.
  • Risk Management: Identifying and mitigating potential risks associated with smoke control systems.



The day was marked by presentations, interactive discussions, and invaluable networking opportunities. Attendees actively participated, sharing their own challenges and experiences in maintaining and testing smoke control systems within their residential properties.

The Smoke Control Seminar was a resounding success, fostering a community committed to elevating building safety standards in London and the South East. The collaborative atmosphere allowed professionals to gain new insights, share their expertise, and forge meaningful connections within the industry.

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