• SCP500/800

    Single-zone smoke control unit. Can be linked to a fire alarm or smoke sensor for automatic opening of an AOV smoke vent(s). Manually triggered using manual call points. Facility to link several control units together to form a multi-zone system.

The preferred choice for
smoke control

Certified and tested in accordance to EN 12101-10.
Tested in accordance to prEN 12101-9.

The SCP500/800 single-zone control unit is perfect for stairwell applications with a single AOV. Using MODBUS technology, multiple SCP’s can be networked to form larger multizone systems. Making it the ideal choice for larger buildings with smoke ventilation shafts and communal smoke corridors.

The SCP500/800 can also be linked to BMS systems running MODBUS. This can then allow more complex cause and effect strategies to be implemented and controlled from a 3rd party BMS system. Advanced users are no longer locked into ‘standard’ functionality and can enjoy the flexibility to control any element of any SCP500/800 as they choose.

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