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The purpose of the this form is for you, our customer, to provide details and confirmation that enabling works are completed and to the apropriate regulation or industry guidance. This information will be used to assess if the project is ready for our attendance, and failure to supply the information requested may result in delays.We require both written and photographic evidence of works. This is especially important for items such as cables which may have been placed in walls or ceilings that are covered when we arrive on site.Sections of this form may not be applicable to you and should be noted as such. All those that are, MUST be completed. Where multiple types of attendances are required, you may complete the relevent sections as-and-when those attendances are required. In all instances, this form is to be returned to us two weeks before attendance is required.
It is assumed when quoting that a forklift is available. If a forklift is not available alternative arrangements may need to be made and additional charges may apply. A member of our team will be in contact if this is required.
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