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Automatic Opening Vent Panels (AOV & OV)


Smoke Ventilation

Smoke Ventilation for your building environment in the event of smoke detection via automatic opening vents (AOV). Systems are normally integrated into staircase Automatic Opening Vents (AOV) or an end of corridor Automatic Opening Vent (AOV) to provide the free area necessary for safe escape routes.

Systems can be linked to a range of inputs including; Smoke Sensors, Manual Call Points (Break Glass, Rocker Switch or Key Switch) and fire alarm systems.

All inputs can be wired into a central location via an AOV Control Panel eg. WSC 204, WSC204KP, WSC308, WSC316 or VCS-S1 Control Panels. Additional inputs for both Natural Ventilation and Day to Day ventilation can also be linked to the AOV Control Panels such as; Rocker Switches, Rain Sensors, Wind Sensors, Thermostats & Timers.

All controls are tested to current European EN standards.

Additional inputs for both Natural Ventilation and Day to Day ventilation can also be linked to the AOV Control Panels such as; Wall Mounted Rocker Switches, Rain Sensors and Wind Sensors.

All controls are tested to current European EN standards.

Example Systems

  • System 1 (Stairwell AOV)

    1 x Chain or Linear Actuator
    1 x WSC-204 Smoke Control Panel
    1 x WSK-320 Manual Call Point (MCP)
    1 x SSR-D Optical Smoke Sensor

  • System 2 (Stairwell AOV & 4 x End of Corridor AOV's)

    5 x Chain or Linear Actuators
    5 x WSC-204 Smoke Control Panels
    4 x WSA-301 Modules For Linking Panels Together
    5 x WSK-320 Manual Call Points (MCP)
    5 x SSR-D Optical Smoke Sensors

*Please Note*
The examples above are designed simply to give you an idea as to what is normally involved in a standard Smoke Ventilation system. Each system will always vary so please speak to a member of our sales team to see what kind of system will be suitable for you.

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