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Ventilation For Schools & Academies

Manual Window Control

Manual operation of high level or hard to reach windows through low level manual window winders. Ideal for use in gymnasiums, classrooms or lecture theatres.

Natural Ventilation

Automatically control the indoor climate of classrooms and building via automatic sensors - rain, temperature, CO2 and wind. Manual inputs such as switches or remote control are also available.

Smoke Control

Manually or automatically ventilate stairwells and corridors throughout the school in the event of smoke detection. Systems will continue to work in the event of power failure for up to 72 hours.

Building Types:



Schools & Academies

Manually or automatically control your internal climate using our range of manual window controls and automatic climate sensors – rain, temperature, CO2, wind and smoke.


Offices & Hospitals

Automate your Office or Hospital windows and vents via a manual switch, remote control, WIFI, or automatically using sensors.


Residential Buildings

Ventilate your stairwells, lobbies and smoke shafts using a range of smoke and natural ventilation inputs and sensors.



Operate the windows and vents in your home or conservatory using our extensive range of manual or automatic control equipment.

About us

Established in 2000 Teal Products Ltd is now one of the UK's leading suppliers of manual and electric window control systems. The extensive product range covers all areas including smoke control, natural ventilation, window automation and manual window control.

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