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Smoke Control Panel Systems (AOV / OV)

A standard Smoke Control System will normally consist of an AOV Actuator, AOV Smoke Control Panel, Manual Call Point (Breakglass or Firemans Override) and Smoke Sensor. A Smoke Control Panel is designed to allow the AOV Actuator, Manual Call Points and Smoke Sensors to all be wired back to one central location.

In the event of Mains power failure a Smoke Control System is designed to run on 24v Battery power for up to 72-hours. This is a built in life saving safety feature to allow the system to continue running even during a power cut.

A range of inputs can be wired into a Smoke Control Panel including; 24V dc Actuators, Smoke Sensors, Smoke Sensors (with sounders), Emergency Breakglass, Firemans Override Switch, Firemans Override Key-Switch, Fire Alarms, Rain Sensors, Wind Sensors, Thermostats, Timers, Switches, Key Switches. To find out if an input is compatible we recommend you talk to our Sales Team first.

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VCS-S1 – Smoke Control Panel


VCS-S1 Smoke Control Panel for the operation of 24VDC AOV or OV’s. Available in a 2amp or 10amp version, complete with 72 hour battery backup…

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